I am in the tech business and my work hours range from 8–16 hours a day depending on what it looks like. This is a series of articles highlighting few practices that help me counter diseases and stay focused and productive without burning out.

Alternate Fomentation of Liver

The one time I burned out of stress it was really scary. 104–107F fever for 6 days straight. It took me more than a month to recover my strength. My mom/savior/doctor/yoga and nature cure practitioner had me get ultrasound of lower abdomen.

Turns out my liver was around 1.8x it’s maximum normal size and spleen was…


Tell me your story. You are ready to create your next application. Have installed the latest version of node, then yarn, and are now ready to chant the main incantation:

yarn create next-app
oh Voldermot you!

Good for you! But now you want to share this with your new team member. What if they last updated their NodeJS environments in Node 6 days?

Well, fear not my friend, here is the docker-compose.yml file you need to include in your folder(the one that contains package.json):

version: '3'
image: "node:14-alpine"
user: "node"…

I am an Indian. Indian society is way more complicated than Black or White. We are divided by state, language, religion, caste, creed, gender and finally by financial status, in that order. And we do differentiate. We do nothing but differentiate, and segregate and put each other through bad.

A problem too far away

I followed the 2014 US elections too closely thanks to satirists like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver. It was the funniest thing to watch on YouTube then. …

CORS errors are as dreadful as a SAARS infection to the website. We dread it. We dread what we don’t understand.

If you want the long, in-detail read, these guys explain it better than I can:

In easy words:

Due to some “security stuff” modern web browsers(specifically XHR and fetch ) are enforcing a security standard called Same-Origin policy.

Browsers are also implementing a standard called CORS for developers to be able to work with multiple origins when this is the case.

(It works with the help of HTTP headers. …

Update(May 10, 2019): Hummingbird is now Flutter for Web. It was launched and we can now use it’s technical preview here:


Hummingbird was announced at the Dec 4 flutter launch event. A project that will allow us to compile our flutter applications into full fledged Progressive Web Apps. So… is Angular Dart still worth it?

I will try to share how much I’ve gathered so far, hoping that my findings help others as well.

How ready are they?

We had been waiting for the sessions to begin. We had huge plans. We would learn, together, along 7 different tracks, with a common plan. We didn’t want the freshers to get left out of this amazing opportunity for skilling themselves.

Problem is… we aren’t an official club at our college, not an official Developer Students Club either. This means we aren’t invited to the “official” parties. The welcome event where freshers are introduced to the clubs — we didn’t have access to it.

This is where Heritage Helper comes in. The first problem freshers face in a college, is…

Time and again I encountered this error in flutter ever confused on how to solve it:

compiler message: lib/splash_screen.dart:69:28: Error: A value of type '#lib1::RiteKey' can't be assigned to a variable of type '#lib2::RiteKey'. compiler message: Try changing the type of the left hand side, or casting the right hand side to '#lib2::RiteKey'. compiler message:                   riteKey: riteKey, compiler message:                            ^ Error -32000 received from application: There are no running service protocol handlers.

This #lib1:Object #lib2:Object error was quite frustrating because there wasn’t much we were doing wrong…

I don’t know the details but this was finally solved 2 days ago…

Icarus Verilog Workflow

In our college labs, we use Xilinx Vivado but for practising Verilog programming at home, at the beginner level that we are, we don’t really need to install Vivado on our systems.
I will be using this tutorial for Ubuntu 18.04, but the same solution works on MacOS and Windows as well (link: https://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/mzucker1/e15_f2014/iverilog.html).


We will use the following software to code, compile, run, and visualise our verilogfiles:

Adding Themes and Plugins

We now add the themes and plugins that we will be working with. I have found the ones we will be using on our website after much research. I explain my decisions below


Astra Theme

For my theme, I will be using the Astra Theme. It has the following features:

Page Builder:

Designing / Wire-framing

Page-Builder workflow has two key steps:

  1. Wire-framing and content design
  2. Implementing via builder

Before we sharpen our pencils and take off our pen caps, a quick reminder of mobile-first and mobile-first vs responsive design. Well.. two quick reminders(:-p):

Why should you think Mobile First
Stop Saying Mobile First

Let’s watch just one more design video — “The User is Drunk UX”. (PS: I found this in the elementary OS HIG — Wonderful read!)

The “user is drunk” UX

Ok! We’re prepared now. Get your weapons! A set of color pencils, some ball pens, and printouts of some sneakpeekit mobile grids…

Raveesh Agarwal

Entrepreneur, software craftsman and technology enthusiast, I continue to solve problems and grow with my projects, partnerships and endeavors.

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