Keeping from Burning Out — 1/n — Alternate Fomentation

I am in the tech business and my work hours range from 8–16 hours a day depending on what it looks like. This is a series of articles highlighting few practices that help me counter diseases and stay focused and productive without burning out.

Alternate Fomentation of Liver

The one time I burned out of stress it was really scary. 104–107F fever for 6 days straight. It took me more than a month to recover my strength. My mom/savior/doctor/yoga and nature cure practitioner had me get ultrasound of lower abdomen.

Turns out my liver was around 1.8x it’s maximum normal size and spleen was 1.6x too. The one treatment that has helped me reign this in and which I believe is important for anyone in my shoes is alternate fomentation of liver and spleen.

What you need

  • 30 minutes time (for me this is the most difficult so ill list it here)
  • a hot bag like this
  • a piece of cotton cloth(we use a very specific type but any towel would do as well)
source: someone’s commercial page listing
  • A bed to lie down on
  • A blanket
  • A clock to time the alternations

If you can not afford these despite working crazy hours, I seriously prescribe changing your line of work.

Alternate Fomentation Of Liver

  • Fill the hot bag with hot water. Just boiling will do. (I am not responsible if you burn your hand, or leg, or any other part of your body trying to do this. Call your mom if you’re not confident enough)
  • Locate your liver:
source: wikipedia | now you know where to place the towel and hot bag
  • Take the towel, rinse it with water and string it really well. Let it be for a couple minutes so that air can cool it down.
  • Lie down on your bed, tummy upwards.
  • Place the hot water bag just above your liver. If it’s too hot use your brain, put a spare towel in between the bag and your skin. Yet it should be hot enough be uncomfortable, but not burn(don’t come crying back with burns)
    Cover the area with a blanket.
  • Wait for 3 minutes and replace the hot bag and place the wet towel directly on the skin. Cover the pack with a blanket.
  • Wait for 1 minute and then replace the wet towel with the hot bag again.
  • This is the schedule for hot and cold fomentation:
    * 3 minutes hot
    * 1 minute cold
    * 3 minuted hot
    * 1 minute cold
    * 3 minutes hot
    * 1 minute cold
    * 3 minutes hot
    * 1 minute cold
    * 3 minutes hot
    * 5 minuted cold
    I tried to make an app for this about 4 years ago. It works but I never released it because I wanted something more complete. But you can check this out and help me update it to latest kotlin if interested.

Alternate Fomentation for Liver and Spleen

Do the thing for liver, then reheat the hot bag, re-rinse the cold cloth and repeat for the spleen.


This is simple to follow and helps me a lot. You can use it in your daily life and let me know if it helped.

Standard Disclaimer(don’t sue me please, i don’t have time for it)
This post explains my experience with and method of performing a yoga and nature cure self-treatment which should be learned with the guidance of a professional. Myself or the people mentioned in this post will not be responsible if you hurt yourself trying these practices at home. This is more like saying “this helped me” rather than marketing as “this will help you”.

Whether you want to try or not is completely up to you.

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